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Welcome to the Wiki of the United Earth Space Corps

This wiki was created on June 3, 2016. It is a publicly-accessible wiki revolving around the UESC faction. We hope that this wiki will grow to serve as an encyclopedia of everything this faction has created and experienced.

There's a lot of information that still needs to be added! We could use all the help we can get. To start creating and editing articles, you'll need to create a wiki account, which takes only a moment.

The To-Do List

  • Create Articles in the UESClopedia
    • UESC History (both RP Lore and real-world)
    • UESC Organizational Structure
    • Ships in the Lineup
    • Companies within the UESC
    • Server bases
    • Player profiles
    • Construction contest information (already partially exists here)
  • Create categories/table of contents for articles
  • Aesthetic development of the wiki
  • Increasing awareness of this new resource

Getting started with editing a Wiki

Pages on the Wiki:

UESC Official Ship Lineup: