[UESC] Custodian Mk-III Class | Fighter Craft

Designed by Mr.B and produced by Barthos Industries the Custodian Mk-III Class Fighter has been developed over three years using information and input from UESC pilots. The ship is designed specifically for stations and carriers, and has a very small profile while retaining a heavy armament.

The Custodian Mk-III is primarily designed for space combat, however, with the adaption of the Mk-III version the ship is capable of both entering and leaving a planet’s atmosphere for basic atmospheric operations.

Due it’s loadout of 16 missiles and storage for gatling ammo the Custodian Mk-III can stay in the fight without having to reload for some time. When combined with it’s small profile and agility this means that it can fulfill a number of roles making it one of the most versatile fighters produced by the UESC.