Official Lineup Small Ships

The UESC Official Lineup Small Ships section contains information about ships that are of the Fighter Class.

The Fighter Class consists of small single person or two person craft. All ships of this class must be made of only small grid blocks, and must be able to fit within air-tight hangar doors (This limits fighter craft ship to a maximum height of 19 small blocks, including the empty space around turrets). All of these ships are intended to be attached to a base of operations or a carrier and have no crew support.

Within the Fighter Class there are four different Sub-Classes. The Sub-Classes are:

Fighter Craft: These ships are designed for action primarily against other Fighter Class vessels. They carry considerable ordinance including numerous rocket pods and Gatling guns. In general they are limited to a single pilot, and ideally reach a balance between maneuverability and survivability.

Interceptors: Interceptors are the lightest craft in the fleet’s arsenal. They are designed to be as small as possible while still packing a punch in terms of rocket pods and Gatling guns. Their survivability is very low, but their light weight and impressive propulsion systems make them extremely nimble.

Attack craft: These ships are by and large the multi-role fighters of the space force. They are designed such that they are capable of carrying and deploying specialized ordinance but are not so large and slow that they can not engage in dog fighting or intercepting duties. These ships may be large enough to carry turrets, and must have enough thrust to be maneuverable while carrying heavy payloads.

Strike Craft: Strike Craft are the largest ships within the Fighter Class. They are purposefully designed for carrying large quantities of specialized ordinance and they prioritize this entirely above maneuverability. These ships may make use of up to two pilots for the guidance of specialized ordinance and operation of turrets. In general these ships are large and slow but pack a heavy punch against Capital Class vessels.

The current Fighter Class ships that the UESC operates are as follows:

[UESC] Custodian Mk-III Class | Fighter Craft

[UESC] Consort Mk-IV Class | Interceptor

[UESC] Guardian Mk-XI Class | Attack Craft